Do You Need Cleaning Services for Your SW Michigan Company?

If you want a productive business environment, then yes

Numerous studies have been conducted on the correlation between the cleanliness of a workspace and the happiness and productivity of that business's employees. They all point to the same thing: a clean business has a positive influence on your workforce.

Keep your company profitable and your employees in high spirits with thorough and reliable janitorial services from Two Moms & A Mop in Portage, Kalamazoo, and surrounding SW Michigan area Our family owned and operated service is your best choice for customized commercial cleaning and floor cleaning in the Southwest Michigan area.

We're in the business of making the world a happier, healthier, cleaner place - not getting rich. We've worked hard to showcase our passion for serving the community by only hiring only the best professionals, and by getting involved with local organizations.

Drawing on experience gained over years in the janitorial industry, Two Moms & A Mop can make your office sparkle from top to bottom.

Give your employees a workspace
they can be proud of

Imagine walking into an immaculate business every time you open the front door. If you call Two Moms & A Mop, that's exactly what you can expect. We take pride in delivering customized commercial janitorial services, so you can worry more about running your business and less about cleaning.

A sparkling clean work environment promotes a harmonious, professional atmosphere that reduces stress caused by clutter and grime. Count on the cleaning experts at Two Moms & A Mop in Portage, Kalamazoo, and surrounding SW Michigan area to clean your:

• Office
• Medical facility
• Factory
• Small college
• Public school
• Post-construction worksite

Don't make your employees work in a dirty office and stop scaring away customers at your dingy business - call Two Moms & A Mop in Portage, Kalamazoo, and surrounding SW Michigan area today! (269) 569-1885

Enhance your company's
professional image

Do you remember the last time you did business with a company whose offices were filthy? More than likely, you walked out the door as soon as you saw how dirty the place was. Make sure your company isn't turning customers away by calling Two Moms & A Mop for customized commercial janitorial services.

From dusting and restocking paper products to buffing the floors, our services will make your business look great day in and day out.

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"A company that cares"

When you choose Two Moms and a Mop, you are contributing to the growth of a company that cares. We truly care about our customers, our cleaners and our community. We believe that our customers and employees are the very heart of our business. We use "The Golden Rule"-to treat others the way we would want to be treated-as our main inspiration in how to provide the absolute best service to our customers. In similar fashion, we want to be the type of employer that we ourselves would want to work for. This type of inspiring and motivating work environment contributes to satisfied customers as well as employees-and as a result, everybody wins.

As for our community, Two Moms and a Mop regularly donates time and money to local organizations such as The Disability Network. This began the first day we started the business. We also are proud sponsors of South Portage Little League.We believe that it is better to give than to receive, and that philosophy, combined with The Golden Rule, is at the heart of how we manage our business.

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